Sunday, 3 November 2013


What a busy Halloween we had! Here are a few pictures of the fun that was had. 

This was actually on the 30th. We emptied out the 'guts' of the pumpkins early, so we'd have plenty of time to decorate on the big day.


Washing off the seeds so we could bake them.

Loving the pumpkins!

Halloween morning at Gracie's preschool party. Gracie, Berlyn, me and Rosie.

cookie decorating

bean bag toss

lantern making

songs and games

trying to get 20 kids to look at the camera :)

Then back home for the actual carving of the pumkins.

Off to the mall for some indoor trick or treating, then home for supper, back into the costumes and out to canvas our block. Emma was an owl, in case you can't really tell.

With the neighbour, Michelle.

And Gracie's cache.

Happy Halloween!

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