Monday, 6 May 2013

What's new in May

With warmer weather comes Brad's obsession with slurpees. 

I'm not a fan and if I did have one, it should be on a screaming hot day, and maybe it would actually be a pina colada type slurpee.

That aside, Gracie had to try the slurpee that Brad brought home the other day. It was colourful, looked sugary, she was in.

Unfortunately, she guzzled it instead of sipping. She knew she wouldn't be allowed much time with the slurpee so she made it count. 

Gracie had her first brain freeze, and as mean parents, we thought her reaction was a little hilarious. She couldn't figure out what was going on... We comforted her, but we also took a picture.

We're not always mean... see how happy Emma looks in her exersaucer, chewing on a spit cloth... oops, I mean, I'm sure it was a nice, fluffy blankie...

And we hardly ever let the kids chew off each other's arms. I'm sure this was a kiss. 

Let the craziness continue!

But on a side note, how can you people not think these two look alike after seeing this picture? Add some hair, take away some baby fat, and they're twins, in my opinion. 

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