Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Alberta Ballet

Last week, Gracie, Emma and I went to a playdate with the Alberta Ballet. It was a fun day with lots of kids, costumes and snacks. We were missing our buddies who were supposed to come along, but weren't feeling up to it, but we trooped on anyway.

Here Gracie is trying on a costume. Unfortunately, they were all a bit big for her, and she wasn't sold on dressing up like a rat or a milkmaid, but this coat got the ok.

Here she is, practicing her ballet. It's rough, but there's a hint of third position about her feet ;)

This was where things were a little disappointing...the ballerinas that the kids were supposed to dance with consisted of this guy in a blue sweater and jeans. And the orchestra that was supposed to play for them was this gent with a flute.... Hmmm, hard to sell this ballerina to a 3 year old and after much explaining of what an  orchestra was, she was missing the conductor most of all. 

But, alas, we had fun. Gracie got a juice box and cookies so she thought the day was fabulous!

Gracie took a picture of Emma and me, despite my best efforts :)

I kind of like this one. Artistic, Gracie. Good shot. 

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