Thursday, 30 May 2013

Two Quicky Layouts

I have been trying to reach into my stash and use up some things. I seem to keep buying, and I can buy faster than I can scrap, so it's time to use my supplies!!

These were both quick layouts using 3 (3x4) photos. I like printing pictures this size, because it's quick and easy to print 2 pics on a standard 4x6 picture, and they're a little smaller, so I can cram more on a layout with a little bit of white space. Also, thanks to the iphone, I have tons of small, blurry pictures. 

These are a series of pictures that Gracie took with my camera. I don't know why, but I love her pictures. They seem to capture little things that would normally be missed. Her love of tiaras, her crazy socks, Emma laying on a change pad (ok, that one is maybe not so memorable, but really, how much time to kids spend getting changed and who has a picture of it??).

And, a few cute pictures of poor Emma getting another headband forced on her head, at much too young of an age :)

Did you notice my favourite grey chevron washi tape on both layouts? Again, making a visual triangle... I should just pre-rip 3 pieces of tape for each layout, I think.

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