Monday, 13 May 2013

Little Kickers

Gracie had her first soccer game last week. It was pretty hilarious.

Gracie was amazing in the warm-up. She was kicking the ball, dribbling the ball, and racing around after it, when she was playing with Brad.

Some of the cheering section.

Number 4 - She picked it.... not sure why, but she wanted 4.

Did I mention Brad was very excited about today?  Gracie was the only one with shin pads that fit properly. 

Intimidating line up.

Watching her team mates from the team blanket.

Getting the ball out of the net when the other team scored ;)

Coming in for a high five.

Getting encouragement from dad.

Gracie hung back and didn't really get into the fray during the game, but she had fun, and we loved watching her.

She had a few great soccer kicks, and kicked it all the way down the field once, but usually, she let other kids go in front of her, and followed them around, watching from a bit of a distance. 

My mom thinks it's because she's got such good manners :) 

High fives for a game well-played! Can't wait until this Thursday.

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