Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Treasured Memories Layouts

I have a few layouts to share from this month's design team kit. 

I got Shine Bright, from Kaisercraft this month. It's grey, black, white and yellow. That's the whole colour pallet. I thought it might be hard to use, but I played around with it and I love it! 

It's pretty versatile. As you can see, you can use it for backcountry skiing pages, or other snowy sports/playtime pictures, or cute kids pictures, and you don't really have to worry about the colours in your photos matching, because the colour scheme is so simple. 

Love it!

When I handed this in, Daryl asked about the paint splatter, so I thought I'd tell you how to recreate the look. 

First, I used Glimmer Mist in Sunflower on Prima cardstock.

 I opened up the mist and dropped a few dots in a shaky row with the tube inside the lid (imagine doing this with a 5 year old at your elbow). Then, I drug the tube through to connect the dots in a bit of a line. 

Next, I held it up so the ink would drip and helped it by blowing it downward with a heat gun. 

Then, I splattered some spray on the cardstock and added a few splats of black acrylic paint. 

There's a fine line between art and mess. 

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