Tuesday, 24 March 2015

6x6 paper pads

I wanted to do some fast layouts with a few 6x6 paper pads that I have. 

Totally simple and super fast. No trimming, nothing. Tear out the pages (ok, I trimmed the edges) and stick them down. 

This one is four pages, glued down on a large scrap piece of cardstock. So simple. 

One of them is a big quote which I usually find hard to use. Not often do I have a 6 inch square on my layout that is blank, I like to shove lots onto each page. 

This layout helped me arrange my photos and embellishments in the other quadrants and keep a space for the quote.  

This layout just uses two 6x6 pages and a wide strip of chevron washi tape on a kraft background. Simple.

Add a cute kid eating corn, some embellishments and a simple title and some doodling and viola!

Those cute little pads are for more than cards! 

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