Monday, 30 March 2015

Sticky Snow

The snow was perfect a few days ago for a little snowman making. 

Emma loves the snow. She was all giggles and laughter. She even forgot to be shy and run from our neighbours when they came home ;)

Sticky and perfect for rolling.

Gracie posed with our snowman.....

And then he broke in half and plunged do his end.

So we rebuilt!

But he was melting as we went. See the lean he's on already?

Then the snowball fight broke out. Here's Emma hiding in her trench. 
We take our snowball warfare seriously, apparently.

But, she'll pop up for a photo. Luckily this really isn't war. 

And she attacks! Unfortunately, her throws don't go very far...

And they swarmed.... time to go in for supper.

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