Friday, 30 May 2014

Roadside Cheerleaders

Brad was in a bike race last weekend, so I packed up the girls and we headed out to watch him. 

As in all great spectator sports, we found a nice piece of ditch to set up shop in for two hours. 

Gracie was the lookout. 

Because we were in the bottom of a sloped ditch, it was hard to see when the riders were coming. Luckily, Gracie enjoyed running to alert us.

"They're coming!"

Good. Only 250+ cyclists broke into 10 groups of riders, each doing between 2 and 5 laps by us. There were a lot of alerts. 

It got old after awhile. Luckily, Brad yelled whenever he went passed, so we set up our picnic and waited with our clackers.

 Dedicated fans.

Then, we started to explore the ditch, finding ants, and bugs, and all kinds of treasures.

And then it turned into Selfies

and Usies

And is there one of Brad? Any of the riders? Not a one....

Did we accidentally pack up and head back to the car before he finished... yes. Oops. I could've sworn he was in the middle of that pack of 25 men clad in spandex and helmets racing past us, but alas, he was not, and he had to call us from the finish and tell us where he was. 

Next time, we'll do better. 

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