Friday, 2 May 2014

Emma Would Like to be a Puppy

It really is that simple. 

She loves to splash in his water bowl, and constantly tries to feed him extra scoops of food. 

I always put my finger up, and say, "No Emma, come here," when she goes over to the bowls (gesturing with my finger for her to come to me). The other day, she walked over to the bowls and looked at me and smiled, then held up her finger and gestured for me to come over.... what a ham. 

"But mom, there's one kibble back here, Bailey will want that one."

"Let me just go get that for him."

Good thing she's cute. 

PS. You may notice she has no pants.... we're doing a bit of an Intro to Potty-Training here. She demands to wear underwear and I think, why not? Then she pees on my floor. It's a good system, really. Perhaps I should put down a newspaper? ;)

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