Tuesday, 27 May 2014

New Toys!

 I've been stalking a company called Hazel and Ruby since Winter CHA, but they weren't available anywhere nearby, so I drooled from afar. They make these great stencils that you can reposition and reuse over and over and for some reason, I was intrigued. (Sidenote: go to their blog and you can take part in a blog hop to win some of their fun product for yourself!)

I finally found them here in Edmonton (and at 65% off!! Huzzah!) and rushed out to pick some up. Later that night, I locked myself in my dungeon and made this fun sign!

Note, if you're going to try something new, maybe start smaller... I jumped right in because I can never just make a small little plaque, or put a monogram on something, I've got to put a long, wordy quote on a canvas that just barely contains it. 

Oh well, it worked and it was enjoyable.

I've had this project in my mind since I took this photo, about 2 years ago. I blew it up during a Black's sale a few months ago and mounted it on painted plywood and have been wanting to make a sign with this saying to go with it.

Two years later.... ta-da!

I'm not sure if you can tell, but I tried to get a bit of an ombre affect with the lettering, and I kinda like it. 
PS. Have I told any of you that I was a whole decade ahead of the ombre trend? 
Yep, that's  right. My grad dress was ombre.... I'm just saying, I saw that one coming.

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