Sunday, 28 April 2013

What our life looks like lately...

Brad has been busy with work. Teaching courses, training days, hanging off helicopters, just your average stuff.

Emma is growing every day! She is smiley and likes to giggle and laugh and loves to watch her sister. 

We made some rhubarb cake the other day to make it feel spring-y-er (yep, that's a word). It was yummy, but it's still wintry outside.

 Gracie is also ready for warmer weather, perhaps by the time the warm weather hits, she'll have her goggles on properly.

I've got a lovely, springy view in front of my kitchen window and if I look quick, with the sun shining in, it makes me feel like there isn't still snow in my yard.

PS. Thanks Curtis, Brandi and family for the tulips! They are beautiful.

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