Saturday, 26 March 2016

The Move

We have too much stuff!

 Look at the size of this truck! It pulled up and parked on our street, taking up the yards of our house and two of our neighbours! 

Sweet mother! 

Thank goodness I purged for three months leading up to the move!

They started packing Friday, resumed Monday, loaded up the truck, and showed up on our new doorstep Wednesday at 9 am.

Meanwhile. the girls and I headed off Sunday so Gracie could start school Monday, and we could get the keys to our new place!

Loaded up and ready for a new adventure!

We spent Sunday night at my grandma's place in Crossfield and the girls actually slept! I thought the excitement and the fact that they were sleeping together might keep them up all night. 

 My big plans to clean and organize the new house were dampened when I got the stomach flu, but we got everything ready for the movers Wednesday.

And we unpacked.

We got most everything put away and made our beautiful new house into our home.

We're still working on organizing and need a few more things, but so far, it's looking good. 
I think this might be one of my new favourite corners. A rocking chair and an awesome curio cabinet full of scrapbooks. 

Soon, it will come together. For now, we're happy here. 

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