Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Easter Fun

We had such a fun Easter this year. A few quick days in Lethbridge, a few in Hanna, both sides of the family visited, two Easter hunts, two Easter meals, two tired kiddos on Monday.

Brad's mom coordinates a big egg hunt each year in a school that my brother-in-law is the principal of, so there's lots of room for the kids to run and play. 

 It's coordinated by number, so each grandchild can only pick up their eggs. Everyone has fun, the little kids have time to find their eggs a little slower and the bigger kids eggs can be hidden in trickier spots.

 It's such a big family that there are lots of helpers for the kids. Laura and Emma were best friends this trip. What a good cousin.

 Cousin pile-up!! 8 Grandkids here, 9 missing, plus spouses and a great grandchild...

 And with a school, comes a gymnasium!! Jackpot! The kids ran off a lot of chocolate in here playing What Time is it Mr. Wolf and having egg races.

 Yes, Emma's cheating in this egg race, but in her defense, she already ran the length of the gym four times before it was her turn, because she was so excited. Plus, look at how fast she can go when she holds the egg on the spoon.

 The second day in Lethbridge was more family time. We celebrated Brin's birthday, ate good meals together and played.  

 Em showing Granddad Beary and her ponies. 

This little girl is growing up too fast, just sayin'

"I can eat this, right?"

 My oldest clown insisted on wearing her pink sunglasses and bunny ears all day. 

Emma and I stole a moment with my littlest niece, Lily.

So busy, but so fun. Hanna is up next.


  1. Fun in the school after hours.... you guys are so cool!

  2. I know! Having a Principal in the family is pretty sweet!