Saturday, 19 March 2016

Layouts - Lego and Crashes

One of Gracie's favourite past times is to build with her Lego sets. She follows the steps and builds each set once, then she tears them apart, mixes them up and builds whatever comes to mind, houses, stables, castles, waterparks, whatever she feels like playing with that day. 
That's freedom!

And this.... this is one of those pictures that probably actually captures a me moment, more than a Gracie moment. 

When we were camping, Gracie wiped out hard on her bike. Face first. On cement. She loosened two teeth and chipped another. Her lips were swollen. Her face was scratched. She was bleeding and crying. 

She was with her dad (thank goodness) who calmed her down and cleaned her up and got her back on her bike. She said she was excited to lose a tooth.... I couldn't keep my hands off of her for the rest of the trip. Everytime she walked by me, I broke a little. 
My baby was soo hurt and she was fine!! I was not. 

This kid is tough! Parenthood is hard on the heart.


  1. Parenthood is the hardest on the heart! Why don't they want to stay in our little bubble forever!!!I'll pay for Anna's therapy for having a smothering mom.... lol! ;)

    1. I hear you! This crash honestly scarred me for life.