Sunday, 15 February 2015


Brad and I went to Banff for a hockey tournament he played in last week, just the two of us. What?! You heard me, no kids. Grams came up and stayed with the girls and they had a blast.

In between games, we made a trip back to Lake Louise and snuck in a quick 12 K ski on our favourite trail, the Pipestone. These trails are right behind our old place and it is such a magical spot.

This is how long it's been since we skiied, see the dust? We knocked that off right away!

I'm sure five years has changed us, but the the trails are still the same (except for some new signage which was awesome and a few more skiers. We ran into 3 groups on the trail, which was unheard of before, especially on a Wednesday.)

Dusty skis and rusty cross country skiing muscles, but we got into the groove pretty quick.

You stay hidden in the trees for most of it, and the snow is lazily falling off them as you ski through. It's quiet and serene and so peaceful!

Brad stepped off the trail to take a picture and sunk to his hip bone! Haha! The things you forget....

A photo with Onion Lake in the background. It was actually called Unnamed Lake, and Brad heard it wrong once, so it's always been Onion Lake to us and the friends who heard the story. Tough when your friends are all wardens. They don't forget about a little geography mistake. 

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