Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Around Here

I'm about a month behind on here, so these pics are not up-to-the minute, but they're pictures, and I was a bad blogger last week. 

We gave away all of our baby supplies, so every time we hauled something out, the kids rediscovered how amazing it was. We gave away the swing despite Emma. She kinda fell in love with it.

Smoothie season is upon us. Get those fruits and veggies in kids! Blueberries make the best smoothies, but man are they messy...

If you're mom is mean, she'll give you one of these hairdos. It keeps the hair out of her face, but she looks like a fish. 

Mom needs to get supper cooked, so out comes the fort. This was an under table fort. It's amazing how calling something a fort means they'll lay down and read quietly together for an hour!

Pretty cool!

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