Monday, 16 February 2015

Best Birthday Party!

Gracie went to an awesome birthday party for her buddy, Leah. 
It was at a stable and they got to pet all kinds of animals. 

pigs, guinea pigs, a ferret, a cat, 

A rooster

Sheep, goats, llamas, miniature brahma bulls...

They got their brushes and got to work giving everyone a good brush down.

Then they got to use grease paint to paint a donkey, a miniature pony and a horse. 

These guys were bomb proof! The kids kept walking behind them to paint their tails and even painted their hooves, and the animals didn't even flinch. 

They even dressed them up with boas and leis and crowns and cowboy hats and all kinds of ridiculous costume pieces. 

Then they got to ride horses. This is all the kids with the horses they rode.

Waiting their turn to ride.

Gracie rode Pitter Patter. Note the stirrups are a foot below her boots...

She was pretty excited!

Plus, they got all kinds of snacks and treats and got to take home a stick horse of their own. Haha!
What a fun afternoon!

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