Monday, 8 December 2014

Our Remembrance Day

Brad went to the New Kingsway Legion Ceremony this year, and the girls and I went to watch. 
It was outside, and I'm not going to lie, freezing, but it was a nice ceremony.  

So many people came out to be a part of the ceremony, we had to park four blocks away and the parking lot in front of the Legion was full. 

I wanted to get a picture of us dressed up, but it didn't work....

Gracie wanted in on every photo, and Emma wanted none of it.

Even when I tried to lure her in, by posing with Gracie.

And then Brad changed immediately out of his Serge, because he was frozen, so I got this:

And then we took Emma's dress off and she paraded around in her red shoes and diaper....

Great family photos.... not quite. Opportunity missed.

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