Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Emma's Birthday!!

Happy Belated Birthday to Emma! She turned two on the 28th. Can you believe that?? 

You probably can, but I can't.... Where did the time go? My baby isn't a baby anymore. 

She loves her big sister and her dog, she yells, "yay!" whenever she likes anything, she gives great hugs and loves to cuddle, and her giggle is infectious, if you hear it, you can't help but smile. 


She's grumpy if you have to wake her from a nap and she is a good sleeper, although she's been pushing back her bedtimes lately because she likes to play in bed before falling asleep. 

She loves Doc McStuffins, trains, books, animals, Palace Pets, Princess Sofia and anything Frozen. 


Her favourite foods are grapes, toast, spaghetti, and pizza. 


She likes the water and travels well, she likes to sit in the bottom basket of the shopping cart and she likes to pick out her own shoes.


She's a daredevil, loves her Beary, who she now calls Greeny (even though he's white), and her bike helmet and she likes to hang out in small trunks, tupperware  containers, or under chairs/tables (like a den animal).


She's fiery and knows her mind. She stopped saying yes at age 1, and it's everyone's goal to try to make her say it, but it rarely works.


She's a joy and a blessing and we all love her so much. 

Happy Birthday Emma!

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