Wednesday, 17 December 2014

December Daily Day 6 and 7

Oh man. We've been hit by bugs this past month. I'm a bit all over with my daily activities this year, because we've been so out of it, so this year's book may be different, but I think I've kept up with an activity or Christmas theme for each day. Let's hope I can sort it all out. 

Day 6 and Day 7 were spent with Grams and Papa. The kids were at the farm playing with cousins and auntie and uncles and of course their grandparents. What fun!

Day 6:

They made Frozen Christmas cookies. Cute Olaf cookies and fantastic Elsa and Anna watercolour cookies you could paint on. Whoa! Grams has good crafts at her house!

Then Grams packed up four kids under 6 to go watch Papa play hockey!

Emma found a puck and it was apparently a real treasure. She saved it just for Papa though.

Day 7: A cousin's tea party!

Oh what fun they had!

Lucky kiddos!

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