Friday, 4 July 2014

18 Months Old!

This little spitfire went for her 18 month check up on Monday and hated it, as per usual. 

She goes from cuddly and friendly to writhing, screaming, hiccup-y crying monster as soon as she sees a doctor or nurse. 

This makes the check-up a breeze. "I'll just listen to her heartbeat. Right, I can't really hear much besides screaming...Maybe her ears? Hmmm, she doesn't like that either."

Emma yelled from the moment the nurse asked her to step on the scale to the moment she left the room. She paused long enough to giggle with me and Gracie and then started up again when the doctor came in. She left, Emma got herself composed and marched over to the sticker table to pick out her hard-earned prize for being such a good girl.

Either way, we got an inaccurate measuring of her stats and everyone was very sympathetic, as I obviously live with a monster.  

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