Tuesday, 22 October 2013

What we're up to

Basically, more of the usual. We all picked up colds at Thanksgiving, so we're sick and going through kleenex like  crazy. Lovely.

This little smiley likes to do everything by herself. 

Which is sometimes messy. (That's raspberries, not blood folks).

Gracie's doing great in her swimming lessons. Her front float is hilarious. She jumps into the water and at about a foot under, she snaps her arms and legs out like a star, and slowly floats up to the surface. She runs out of air about the time she actually gets to the top. Ha! Hilarious!

She loves the water and is really enjoying the lessons.

I get to run errands with these two cuties, which makes everything a little more fun. Gracie wanted to sit up in the basket because Emma can now, so we're a little top heavy in our carts these days, but it's actually quite nice to have both kids right at my fingertips all of the time. 

Brad's back to work and his hockey is already in month 2. I've been working on my October kit from Treasured Memories and am taking an online course in my spare time. Gracie still has gymnastics and preschool and wants to ride her bike as much as possible before it snows. Bailey's always up for a walk and got himself a spiffy new haircut. 

That's us.  

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