Monday, 21 October 2013

More layouts - Vuelta

We took tons of pictures at the Vuelta last fall, so I made a few pages that would go together in our trip album. 

I tried to make these a little more manly because they're some of Brad's favourite pictures, and it's nice to detour from all of my cute girly pages (although, I do love them). I used lots of arrows to show movement and stars, tags and hexagons in a mix of bright yellow and green and lots of kraft, brown and black.

Here's a close up of the tag on the page above. For some reason, I've pulled these out again a lot lately and I like them simply as a base for titles. A little doodling, some rub ons and stickers and a title. Simple.

Here's the opposing page. It's much busier with all of my little photos, but carries over the banners, doodling, and colours.

Another tag, too.

A similar colour theme, but much brighter for these ones. Some washi tape, stickers and pop dots helped this one come together.

And the opposing page. Again, it's got more pictures jammed in to get all of the special pictures we took into the album.

Once they're side by side, the layouts look more balanced. I usually make the first page a focal point, and load up the second with smaller photos. 

And one last page about a boy and his bike obsession ;) I even got Brad to write the journaling for this one. We're so tech-savvy that I asked him to write something about the race and he texted it to me! Ha. Who uses paper and a pen anymore?

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