Thursday, 24 October 2013

Gracie's First Pre-K Field Trip!!

Gracie was so excited to go on her first field trip. Grams came up to watch Emma so that I could go along, and we had fun!

Gracie got to ride a bus for the first time, and it was pretty exciting. Seventeen 3 and 4 year olds on their first bus ride was actually quite hilarious.

All of the kids getting introduced to traffic safety at Safety City.

They got to play on trains. 

Half of the class got to ride quads (Yep. Quads) around the safety city streets and the other half were pedestrians, then they switched. 

Gracie's group was motorized first....

Watch out!

Liam was trying to pass, but Gracie had the swerve perfected (she learned that move from me).

There was a break for a snack, because all of that 'learning' was hard work. Ayla and Gracie sat together.

 And they got to play on a train and learn about train signals and crossings. 

Gracie sitting with Liam, again. 

Gracie sat with Taylor on the way their and Ayla and me on the way back. I got to see how she interacts with everyone at preschool and got to know some of the kids, parents, and the teachers a little better, which was nice. It was so much fun plus, they really did learn some valuable lessons. Good first field trip.

Thanks Grams for staying with Emma, making soup, doing laundry and dishes and being so up for anything all the time. 

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