Friday, 18 October 2013

Photos from Thanksgiving in Lethbridge

It was not only Thanksgiving, but a celebration of 25 years of marriage for Brad's parents and a big party full of birthdays! What a jam-packed weekend.

This is what it looks like when Brad's family sits down for a meal. This is just his parents, brothers and sisters and their kids. Plus, there are about 7 people missing from this picture...

Smiling for a photo.

Cuties in the grass.

GG and Granddad with the grandkids (with 6 missing kiddos).

Steph and her kids.

Everyone again.

Just GG, Granddad and their kids.


Sisters +


Dave and Norma with Al and Gay.

These were just taken with my camera, the real photographer's photos should be even better!

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