Tuesday, 2 February 2016

We Will Miss These Guys

Another quick farewell....

This one is for the men my husband works with.

The men who work with my husband aren't really my friends. I know them by their last names and their call numbers, their wive's names and their kids.  I hear all about them, but I don't spend a lot of time with them. They put in long hours at work together, so when Brad has time off, he usually spends it with family or sleeping. 

But, I know my husband. I hear his stories. I trust his judgement. 
I know that these men have his back. I know they're a team and they go into calls with the same mindset. I know that they work hard to train their minds, bodies and brains so they're prepared for whatever call might come in.

These men pose for Brad's selfies, whether they want to or not, so we can see what Brad's doing while he's away. 

They hold each other's cell phones when driving back from calls so they can call home and say goodnight to their kids. 

They respond to our silly pictures, 

with silly pictures of their own.

I know Brad's sad to leave this tight-knit team, but excited to move on in his career. 

I know they'll see each other at big calls, at hockey tournaments and even read about each other in The Quarterly. We'll learn new last names and call signs, and Brad's new team will surely be another group of strong, determined, capable people. 

Thank you for putting up with Brad's grumpy-until-coffee morning attitude, his bad hair on call outs
and most of all, for making sure everyone gets home safe.


  1. Not sure you intended to make your readers cry.... but here I am. lol
    I LOVE that picture they sent back with a funny face!

    1. Haha! Not my intention. It's hard to say goodbye sometimes...