Monday, 15 February 2016

Move News

Everything is finalized now, so I'm clear to tell you all the exciting news.

Our last month has been busy, here's a look:

January 13th, we listed our house,
January 22 we sold our house,
January 31 we went on a crazy fast house-hunting trip,
February 3rd we put an offer in on a house,
February 5th, it was accepted,
February 9th was the house inspection and school tour,
and we have a new house
and we're moving the middle of March.


In between, we had showings, appraisals, meetings, Brad started working in Calgary some shifts and is now on-call for the South team, and who knows what else happened. I honestly can't remember the month, because it's been a blur!

Now for the excitement!

Time to plan how our stuff will fit in our new place and how the kid's rooms will be decorated, prep Gracie for the new schedule, people, and school, get Em signed up for preschool in the fall, look at sports the kids might want to do in the spring, and start prepping our friends and family down south for the invasion!

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