Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Pocket Pages

I love dropping older photos into pocket pages. It's so quick and easy and you get lots of pictures out of storage in one swoop!

This one is a day of 'hiking'. It's a whole new thing with kids. Haha! Not like the hikes we went on before having them.

I love Webster's Pages lines lately. They always have bright, useable colours and a mixture of photography and graphic design in their patterned paper. 

These pictures were from Brad's neice's wedding in May. Occasions where there are tons of photos are great for pocket pages.

And a field trip to the zoo that Gracie's Kindergarten class went on. Emma and I tagged along and took photos. They're not great because I was watching my two kids, and the three others in my group while snapping pics. Perfect for a pocket page!

If you're looking for more information on Project Life style scrapbooking, there's a crop on January 30, at Treasured Memories with a focus on pocket style scrapbooking.

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