Friday, 8 January 2016

December Wrap-up

The Christmas Gong Show Continues!! Haha! We travelled from Edmonton to Crossfield, to Hanna, to Lethbridge, and then home in the week after Christmas. The annual Tour of Alberta. 

Here it is in pictures:

Christmas Eve

The girls opened their Christmas Eve gift - new housecoats and a special cup and plate for Santa's treats.

Christmas Morning

Yes, they're spoiled...

I have no pictures from Crossfield Christmas. I knew my mom was taking pictures so I didn't take any. Now, I need to get them from her. 

Dec. 26

 Opening more presents at the farm.

oh, so spoiled....

Dec. 27

Benedict Christmas and skating party.

Boot goalposts on a frozen dugout. All you need. 

Dec. 28

Emma's Birthday!! She's three! "I'm really three?!" Yes, sweetie, a month after your birthday party, you're finally officially three. 

We opened Em's gifts before we left Edmonton on the 24th, but I put her pictures here, just because.

Grams made her taco salad for supper and a fantastic cake on the real day! Delish!

Dec. 29

What's that? More presents? Spoiled!!

Opening presents in Lethbridge with the Higginsons.

Emma gets right into her bag, searching for presents. 

Dec. 30

 Luckily, Uncle Broc is a principal with keys to the school. We had a fun floor hockey game and the kids played soccer, rode the scooters, coloured, and played in the sensory room.

We met Lily and Gracie was enamoured with her newest cousin.

We have played so hard!

Dec. 31

80's party for New Year's Eve...

Oh dear. 

Karaoke, name-that-tune, lip sync contests, and some sweet, sweet costumes!

And team, 'Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner' was victorious. Woohoo! Thanks to Steve, not in the picture who is a name-that-tune savant, and no thanks to us.

But we looked the part ;)

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