Thursday, 13 August 2015

Date Nights!!

What??! Plural?? Yes, we had three date nights in three days!

My parents took the kids for a few days so Brad and I took the chance to eat out, go to a movie, have treats, run errands like mad, go to strollersize without a stroller, go shopping, and build Em a big girl bed!

Life is good. This was a sampling of the fare at 'Meat.' Yep, meat. 

Hence the caveman turkey leg Brad is chewing on. 

Treats from the Duchess with my best scrappin' buddy after a morning of visiting and leisurely shopping. Sigh. 

Enjoying a quiet little sit down.

And a Michelada at our next destination, El Cortez. Oh dear... that place has the best food ever. We both thought this was the best restaurant ever and the home of every future date night. Taco Tuesday, we will be back!

Seriously? So good. 

Death by taco?

That's all I have pictures of, but it was really nice to spend some time being childless in the city and being so productive! I logged over 22,000 steps one day and got so many things done that have been on my list forever. 

The best part? The kids had so much fun with Grams and Papa and I'm pretty sure Grams and Papa enjoyed their time, too. 

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