Thursday, 8 January 2015

Boxing Day

Let the annual Hot Wheels race begin!

And it lasted for hours.... all to see who had the fastest car. Heats of cars raced to elimination on a 4 lane track, until only one car was left. Since we each paid a $1/car entrance fee, and some people raced up to 5 cars, the ultimate winner went home with $140 dollars, second place took home $40.

These guys mean business!

And the cousins enjoyed more time together.

Plus, great elf hats from Auntie Sheila.

We celebrated Emma's birthday with a fancy Crazy Cakes cake from GG.

Emma is so good at blowing out candles, I never got a photo of it, even though we relit this candle 3 times....

See? The lighter is still in the photo!

She got a few more presents and celebrated with all kinds of extended family. 

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