Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Gracie's 5!! Part 2

Here's a few shots from her birthday. 
She opened her presents from us in the morning, had a special breakfast, and then went to kindergarten. 
Brad took the day off so she got to show him a little bit of her school when we dropped her off. 

After school, she came home and GG and Granddad were at our place. We ate lunch, she opened a few more presents, and then we headed to West Edmonton Mall for the afternoon.

Thank you Auntie Linda!!

Even Emma got one ;)

And GG and Granddad!

We went to the Sea Life Caverns in the mall. Who knew there were this many animals underneath the mall??

After that, we headed above ground to the sea lion show.

Sea lions have ears, seals do not... don't get that confused folks!

Gracie got to throw a frisbee to the sea lion and then got her picture taken with him.

wait for it....

Splash! He jumped right up beside her.

Lucky birthday girl!

After that, she went to Build A Bear and made this giant, purple unicorn. It's name is Princess Twilight Sparkle, if you're wondering. 

What a day!

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