Monday, 5 August 2013

We're Alive!

It's been weeks since I posted. Sorry. We've been busy.

We went camping in Bottrel with my family in the middle of July. Came home, unpacked. Loaded back up and headed to Hanna to pick up some beef from my parents. Back home. Unloaded, reloaded. Off to Lethbridge for my besties surprise birthday party. A few days of visisting there, then we headed into BC to Lake Wasa for some more camping with Brad's family. Next, we crossed over to the States and visited my cousin at their new lot on Lake Koocanusa. Back to Lethbridge for a pit stop, and then.... home.


And did we take pictures?

Not really.

But that's okay, showers were not plentiful and sleep was hard to come by.

Here's a few pictures.

Here's a picture of Sam and I, combined, we now have 60 years of experience behind us.

Sadly, she looks she only has 20 years of experience, and I'm carrying the other 40. Why is that? 

Gracie in the car. Bunny blanket on her lap, skipping rope behind her back, and serious concentration on her face as she masters the Dora computer.

Brinley the raccoon ten minutes after arriving at the campsite. She loved that campsite shale/dust.

Kale and Gracie at the park with Wasa Lake in the background.

Emma's cheerleading routine.

And some jumping with only a diaper, a bucket hat, and a smile.

A rare glimpse of Emma sleeping. She's so cute when she's asleep. 

Sunset over Lake Koocanusa.

Yep, we're sleepy this morning.

And my favourite picture of the whole trip. 
Why  Emma teething and not sleeping much, Gracie getting heat stroke, and spending hours in a vehicle together was totally worth it. 

Just look at these faces waking up in our tent. How could we not have had a great trip?

We made some great memories boating, surfing, swimming, building sand castles, sitting around a fire, visiting with all kinds of family and friends, eating smores and other yummy camping treats, and introducing Emma to all sorts of new things. 

Good times as a family.

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