Friday, 10 July 2015

Lovin' Canada!

We went to the fantastic festivities in Sherwood Park to celebrate Canada this year. 
What a great parade! 

We had some friends with us, which makes everything better. 

And GG and Granddad, jackpot!

We hardly had any fun...

Oh the pony rides....

The girls loved the horses. Emma laughed and screamed throughout the ride and cried when I had to take her off.

Gracie sat proudly and patted her horse. She got one of the biggest ponies, which made her very happy.

Then there were horses and ponies to pet. 

And more to ride!

The girls raced these awesome inflatable ponies. 
Gracie flew. Brad and Emma just couldn't keep up.

What more could you ask for from a celebration? If you can get past the horses (which we barely could) there were Princesses,

archery demos, 

bouncy castles (which little sisters needed rescuing from),

cookies we could decorate ourselves,

glittery, painted on tattoos,


fire trucks (and hats),

firefighter cutouts,

and time spent together in the sunshine. 
Great day!

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