Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Vancouver Roadie!

What a trip! We made it to Vancouver and back with a potty-training two year old, a rambunctious 5 year old, and two squirmy parents.

Everyone got comfy in the car.

We saw mountain goats, elk, bears, deer, horses, cows, sheep, ponies, trains, a pirate ship and a submarine..... Those last two are questionable but the girls swore they saw them. 

We had so much fun a the Aquarium in Vancouver with Brad's cousin Rob as our guide. He used to work there so was full of info.

Beluga whales, pregnant sea horses (did you know that the male sea horse carries the eggs in its arms sort of like a kangaroo's pouch, protecting them until they're born?), seals, dolphins, an octopus (did you know that two or more octopus are referred to as an octopod?), otters and tons of other creatures were on display. 

I learned lots at the aquarium!

Emma made a real friend with Rob. Who knew he was such a kid magnet?

We played at lots of parks. There are some great green spaces out there and we made sure to check out all of the playgrounds in them.

We checked out the horse races. Taught the girls how to bet and how to pick a winner. 

Haha! Or maybe we taught them that you can see these magnificent animals run for free and that we have no idea what makes a winner.

We met up with my cousin and her hubby and new baby. 

We toured Granville Island.

We met up with so many Malackos!

We played with second cousins we'd never met before.

And we ate lots of bad for you road food. 
Mmmm... donuts!

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