Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Terrific Twos

Emma has come cannonballing into the Terrible Twos recently, but I've got to admit, I never found two all that terrible. 

It's actually a great time because you start to really communicate and see their personality.

I do understand that there are reasons that people have called it terrible...

Two year olds seem to get into everything. What you can't see here is she's a good three feet from the ground. I stood back for a bit to see just how high she could go. I pulled her down before she was ready to quit.

But they quickly rebound and show you how adorable they can be. All soft and loving in tutus and tiaras.

They run. And run. And run. 
Everything is a new adventure, so you need to get between experiences fast. Make haste, mommy! Let's go.

And because they must move at high speed and their coordination is still shaky and their legs are still learning to balance their giant heads, they will take tumbles. 
Who else but a two year old could gash their inner ear on a tumble, but hurt no other part of their body? 

And then there's more down time, when they're quietly reading a book. 
Always trying to be big like her sister. Always.

But big sisters will do this to your hair because you trust them. 
Two year olds may trust the wrong people...

But don't call them pushovers! 
No sirree. They're loud, rambunctious and a little crazy. Be wary.

And then they're a fish.

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