Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Emma's one!

Yep, while we were gone, this little cutie turned one!

On the 28th, we had a birthday muffin and a lot of fun with the Benedict clan. 

On the 29th, we had cake and opened presents (and I need to get those pictures from my mom...)

 On New Year's Day we celebrated again with the other side of the family and Emma demolished a cupcake!

Such a lucky little girl. 
And we're so lucky to have her.

Over the past year, we've seen a lot of personality, a lot of smiles, and a lot of love. 
She doesn't like her carseat or getting changed or being away from Brad or I, and she's not quiet when she's not happy.
She loves nothing better than to cuddle with us, she likes musical toys and she moves like lightning.
She has an uncanny ability to match socks, but that usefulness is balanced by the need to tear every piece of laundry off the couch, while I'm folding.
She thinks she's a Barbie, constantly trying to fit into Gracie's Barbie car and crawling through her Barbie house.

She loves a bottle and likes to feed herself finger food. She won't eat a banana or anything banana flavoured unless you're eating it, then she'll steal as many bites as you'll give her.
Her favourite things in the house are toilets and stairs, if she escapes, that's where you'll find her.
She loves Bailey, and makes a beeline for him whenever she can. If he's outside, she'll sit on his bed to wait for him (another favourite spot).
She learns things best by watching Gracie and loves to play with her toys and play chase with her.
She's walking, crawling, clapping, laughing, and making kissy noises. 
She says mom, dad, duck and hi and loves to babble on the phone. 
She makes me want to hug and kiss her all day and she has made my heart grow like the Grinch's all year long.
Happy First Birthday Emma! 
Love you.

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