Saturday, 3 October 2015

Emma's in gymnastics!

Em's so excited to go to her own activity! Poor girl's been drug to all of Gracie's things, it's time for a few more Emma activities!

She loves to play at the gym, she loves her coach, and she's getting a little less shy with the other kids.

She is always so excited to go to 'nastics.' 
"Yay! I love nastics. I love my coach. I love my friends. I'm going to jump and swing and run," she says with a determined look and a fist in the air.

She loves practicing her straddle sits on this horse.... These girls and their love of horses... We usually have a bit of a rodeo before the next kid can practice. Haha! Can't just sit on a horse, you've got to make that pony go!

I like gymnastics for little kids because they work on coordination, balance and listening skills and give them a big, padded room to run around and burn off some energy in. Perfect!

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