Thursday, 6 November 2014

Vintage Pastels

I have been attempting to scrap my stash lately. I need to use some of my stuff before I can buy more. Seriously, the inn is full! 

Anyhow, I've been doing good (did I buy some stuff at the last crop? Yes, and a few weekends before that?... well, yes, but that's it, and hardly anything)

Okay, back to how much I've been using...

I was a little challenges by these yellows, but I like how they all came together. They look kind of garish  in these scans, but they do look nice in person. 

One Gracie photo and 1 Emma photo... I really need to play catch up on my Emma pictures, Gracie has  10 big albums and Emma only has 3.... I suppose that's about on track, actually, by the time Emma's four, maybe she'll have 10, too. 

Emma's shelf just seems horribly empty in comparison. 

And I need more bookshelves! Whoa! Scrapbooking really is going to take over our house. If not the supplies, the finished product. 

I can't wait until the girls move out and I can hire a U-Haul to transport their photo albums to them ;)

I can just picture their tiny studio apartments: one bed, one fridge, maybe a stove and 300 scrapbooks. Just what everyone needs. 

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