Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Calgary Zoo Trip

Two weeks ago, we hit up the Calgary Zoo with 33 of our closest family members (anyone who could make it) and had a great time! 

We saw the bears get fed. Grizzlies were catching fish in their paws right in front of us. 

We spent some family time,

Had the kids do the hard work,

and watched them enjoy the animals. The warthogs were released back into their pens while we were watching and they came racing and kicking in and put on a pretty good show.

The giraffe was stretching out to grab some leaves, 

and posing for pictures.

The kids posed for just as many as the animals.

The wildlife was on the prowl

and some almost escaped.....

Some moments were funny. When the gorillas put on a show, stealing treats from each other and sitting in the tub.

Some were cute.

Some were sweet.

Most were just plain fun.

The kids learned, 


and got to spend time together.

and it wasn't only the kids who had fun!

Papa love

Dad love

Silly love

Auntie love

Grams love

Mom love

GG love

Cousin love

And for the love of everything, these penguins are cute!!!

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