Friday, 5 July 2013

Quick Update

I love these girls. That's the update. 

How could you not?

Gracie loves Barbies at the moment. They go everywhere and they like to dance with the palace (prince) and go to the ball.

Emma likes to eat cheerios. She also likes to chase them all over her tray trying to pick them up, and occasionally whack all of them, scattering them around the kitchen. She's also been known to blow a raspberry right in your face, as you feed her a big bite of soupy mush. 
Our house is messy...

This girl has come along to replace my little girl. Who is she? She's much to old and mature. 

And this little rascal is so full of mischief and laughs, she makes us all smile, all of the time. She's pushing herself up on all fours and even does the occasional downward dog, which unfortunately, usually ends in a nosedive. She likes to walk with someone holding her hands, so Brad and I both have the permanent hunchback look happening. 

And... toes.... I love 'em.
Gracie took this one for me.

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