Thursday, 20 June 2013

Gracie's Soccer Ends

That's right. Spring soccer is already over. It was far too short, especially since two of the six games got rained out. Just when she got the hang of it, it was over. 

A few pictures of warm-up.

Lining up for free kicks. 

Gracie's turn!

Cheerleader Emma was always there. 

Another fierce line up. Gracie wore her very intimidating heart bucket hat each game.

Some kids were more aggressive than others ;)

In the last game, Gracie finally started to chase the ball more and even got into the fray.

Look at her go! (And check out the other kid's poor shorts (with her back to the camera).... seriously mom, too high! I can't even tell what number she is).

A fun few weeks, with a good wrap-up party complete with jumpy castles, face-painting, and hot dogs!

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  1. Looks like a good time was had by all! We used to call soccer "swarm ball" when our kids were little! Brings back some fun memories!

    I'm so glad you linked your blog up to the Moxie Fab World Blogroll. It will be great to stop by and say "hello" from time to time! :)